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Dozens of ticket types were issued during the course of the fair, including entry tickets designed for special days such as Manhattan Day, or Chicago Day, standard one-day passes, and children's tickets. There were also tickets to rides or venues inside the fair that required an extra fee, such as tickets to the giant Ferris Wheel, or to the cultural exhibits that showcased the people and habitats of societies from around the globe, such as the Samoan, Lapland, or Java villages. Some were interesting and decorative, and some were plain, numbered tickets like what you might receive today to enter a movie theatre, or raffle. So in the "Miscellaneous" section we will present a few of the more collectible types of the many tickets allowing visitors to get in, and around, the fair.

Best Kept Secret In Columbian Expostion Collecting, The Chicago Day--With Phoenix--Children's Pass. The Skimpiest Print Run Of All Tickets, Including The So-Called "Key" Passes Of Handel And Franklin. Only 60,000 Of These Special Tickets Were Ever Issued, Undercutting The Handel Printing Of 100,000 By Nearly Half. Never Seen One Before? Might Not Again For Some Time. Here's Your Chance.









Approximately 716,000 people attended the Columbian Exposition for "Chicago Day," October 9, 1893.

This day commemorated the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The front features a grapic of the mythical Phoenix rising from the ashes. The reverse depicts Fort Dearborn, built in 1816 to protect settlers and encourage them to build around the fort on the south side of the Chicago river.

Otherwise UNC, the ticket has a vertical crease in front of "B" on front, faint on reverse.





Very Presentable "Day of Sale" ticket on tan stock. It was the most often issued ticke to the Exposition. EF to AU quallity. No distractions, but a bit tight on the right rear margin. Good addition to any collection.











Nice UNC Children's Special Ticket, with typical dark speckling on obverse. Exc. example.














A clean Manhattan Day ticket. AU condition with sharp corners and solid graphics.


















Manhattan stubless, VF condition. Not-too-visible crease down one side between "s" and "i" in "Exposition. Need a stubless Manhattan to round out a collection. Makea deal.











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