Original Ferris Wheel ,designed and constructed by engineer George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr.

At a height of 80.4 metres (264 ft) the mamoth Ferris Wheel was the largest attraction at the Columbian Exposition.
The wheel rotated on a 71-ton, 45.5-foot axle, at that at time the world's largest hollow forging, manufactured in Pittsburgh by the Bethlehem Iron Company and weighing 89,320 pounds.

There were 36 cars attached to the Ferris Wheel, each fitted with 40 revolving chairs able to accommodate up to 60 people, a total capacity of 2,160 riders. The wheel carried some 38,000 passengers daily and took 20 minutes to complete two revolutions, the first including six stops to allow passengers to exit and enter and the second a nine-minute rotation. Each rider paid 50 cents.

Ferris, a visionary builder, was dedicated to the to the monumental structural ideals that marked the early 20th century and included mansions and bridges.

Price For "The Vistors Certificate Of The Great Ferris Wheel Register":

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